Event Report: Enlightening Session on the POCSO Act by Ms. Prerna Tandon, Advocate

POCSO Act Workshop

Date: Saturday, 1st July 2023

Venue: Tagore International School

The morning of Saturday, 1st July 2023 witnessed an enlightening and insightful session on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act, orchestrated by Tagore International School. The distinguished guest speaker, Ms. Prerna Tandon, an accomplished advocate with extensive experience in women and children’s rights, engaged the audience with her comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to the attendees, including the respected Principal, Dr. Parul Tyagi, esteemed teachers, staff members of Tagore International School, and a highly receptive gathering of students. Their enthusiastic presence on a Saturday morning underscored the importance of the subject being discussed.

Dr. Parul Tyagi, the Principal, in her opening remarks, emphasized the significance of creating awareness about child protection and expressed gratitude to Ms. Prerna Tandon for graciously accepting the invitation to share her expertise.

POCSO – Insights and Expertise:

Ms. Prerna Tandon, a prominent advocate with a deep commitment to women and children’s rights, shared her expertise on the POCSO Act. With a backdrop of landmark legal cases and the evolving sociopolitical landscape, she delved into the origins of the Act and the pressing need it addressed. Ms. Tandon’s insights were backed by her extensive experience in the field, having represented clients in the Delhi High Court and various district courts on matters related to child protection.

“The essence of the POCSO Act lies in safeguarding children’s best interests, and we must be vigilant to ensure that this valuable tool never transforms into a weapon, serving personal vendettas or promoting false accusations.

Prerna Tandon

Exploring the POCSO Act:

Ms. Tandon navigated through the intricacies of the POCSO Act, highlighting its salient features that encompass a broad definition of sexual offenses, dedicated special courts for swift trials, identity protection for child victims, mandatory reporting obligations, child-friendly investigation procedures, time-bound trials, stringent punishments for offenders, and a focus on rehabilitation and support for victims.

Drawing attention to landmark cases such as Sudesh Jhaku v/s K.C.J & Others and Sakshi Vs. Union of India, Ms. Tandon highlighted the legal loopholes that paved the way for the formulation of the POCSO Act. She adeptly conveyed the significance of these cases in shaping the legal framework.

Identifying Gaps and Challenges:

Acknowledging the progress made, Ms. Tandon also touched upon the challenges and shortcomings within the Act. She emphasized the importance of addressing concerns such as the burden of proof, safeguarding against false accusations, rehabilitation measures, low conviction rates, and limited public awareness. This candid evaluation showcased the need for continuous adaptation and improvement in legislation and its execution.

Navigating Consent and Autonomy:

One of the central aspects of the discussion was the age of consent set by the POCSO Act. Ms. Tandon engaged the audience in a thoughtful exploration of the balance between protection and autonomy, especially in relation to adolescents’ evolving understanding and individual maturity levels. This nuanced perspective spurred a reflection on the role of legal frameworks in maintaining this equilibrium.

POCSO - Age of Consent

Consent or Coercion?

Conclusion and Call to Action:

Ms. Prerna Tandon concluded her session by underlining the significance of the POCSO Act and its role in safeguarding children’s rights. She highlighted the necessity of fostering a collaborative environment where continuous evaluation, awareness, and education are paramount. The event successfully kindled the flame of change, urging the audience to be active participants in creating a safer future for children.

POCSO - Support

Reaching Out and Offering Support

In Gratitude:

The event culminated with an interactive Q&A session, during which the attendees posed thought-provoking questions to Ms. Tandon. Her insightful responses enriched the discussion further, leaving the audience with a clearer understanding of the act’s nuances.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Tandon expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to address such a diverse and attentive gathering. She reiterated the importance of continued dialogue, awareness, and education to combat child sexual abuse effectively.

The event concluded with a round of applause, acknowledging Ms. Prerna Tandon’s valuable insights and Tagore International School’s commitment to fostering awareness about critical issues affecting society.

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