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Whenever a dispute in a marriage arises, it does not involve only two parties, but affects the entire family and brings about a myriad of civil and criminal litigations that can cause physical and emotional distress to the parties. 

Our team of Advocates and consultants provide you with speedy, innovative, and tailor made legal solutions and services for your diverse concerns in family and matrimonial matters.

We also provide a full range of mediation services that allow parties to the dispute to put forth their grievances in a safe and healthy environment. The mediator employs a subjective approach to facilitate the parties to work towards a productive solution at minimal costs and time.

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Our team of Advocates & Solicitors are dedicated to provide you support and assistance that matches the international standards and requirements. of professionalism. We are dedicated to provide you round-the-clock (24/7) services so as to provide you the best legal solutions for your problems.

Criminal Law:

  • Criminal complaint Under section 498A read with 406 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 and its proceeding before CAW cell;
  • Complaint under Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005;
  • Complaint under Dowry Prohibition Act;
  • Application under section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 seeking mentainence by wife;
  • and various complaints under the various sections of Indian Penal Code;

Civil/Family Law:

  • Petition for Divorce under various ground mentioned under section 13 (1) & (2) and 13B of Hindu marriage Act viz. (i) on the ground of mutual consent (ii) Petition on the ground of cruelty, desertion, impotency, adultery etc.  
  • Petition for custody of children under provisions of HMA, 1955
  • Application u/s 24 of HMA for seeking interim maintenance and expenses by wife;
  • Application for restitution of conjugal rights;
  • Suit for partition of the joint property owned jointly by husband and wife;

So, we provide comprehensive legal services to our clients so that they can get one window solution of every kind of Disputes and at every level of disputes under matrimonial law, criminal law or disputes related to property.  We provide legal consultancy services, prior to dispute so that the dispute can be avoided, besides providing litigation services to our clients at each and every level of dispute.

Our team of Advocates and consultants provide you with speedy, innovative, and tailor made legal solutions and services for your diverse civil concerns. We are experts in drafting various petitions, suits, applications, writs, etc. and conducting trial procedures, including evidence, cross-examination, arguments, etc. to present a strong case before the concerned court and to help you secure appropriate interim and permanent reliefs for your concerns. 

We follow a client-centered approach in approaching ever matter that comes before us. This means that we keep clients at the centre of our thinking while devising our litigation strategy. We believe that with the collaborative efforts of our clients we can proceed swiftly in all matters. We not only keep our clients informed but also involved through regular updates, client-counselling sessions, and keeping a transparent communication wherein the progress can be tracked efficiently.  

Reaching our office and connecting with any of our Associates is fairly simple and straightforward. 

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Mr. Vivek Kumar Tandon has his hands set in the arena of Civil Litigation since decades and is also known as the ‘Civil Wizard’ by many members of the Bar. His expertise in this field stands him apart and has helped him achieve a tremendous success rate with cases pertaining to property settlements, contract law, family law, administrative law, etc.

We sincerely believe that Mediation and Conciliation steps in as a preferred and beneficial method of dispute resolution than litigation because the focus is on working together towards a solution, rather than establishing blame or liability. It is especially favourable in the following:

  1. Matrimonial disputes 
  2. Disputes between members of a Family – brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, etc.
  3. Disputes pertaining to ownership and possession of a Property
  4. Child custody disputes
  5. Default in payments of rent, etc 
  6. Breach of contract, etc. 
  7. Consumer disputes and negligence claims
  8. Disputes within a company/professional firm 
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