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The Indian job and labour market ins extremely unstable and uncertain and plagued with several issues related to wrongful termination, exploitative contract terms, harsh conditions of work, inadequate compensation, low wages, discrimination and harassment, and lack of proper mechanism for redressal of workers’ grievances, etc. Women in workplaces also have to bear the additional brunt of sexual harassment and favours from the employees. 

Our team of Advocates and consultants provide you with speedy, innovative, and tailor made legal solutions and services for your diverse labour and emploment concerns. 

Best Labour and Industrial Lawyers in Delhi | Law Firms in Delhi

Our Services

Our team of Advocates & Solicitors are dedicated to provide you support and assistance that matches the international standards and requirements. of professionalism. We are dedicated to provide you round-the-clock (24/7) services so as to provide you the best legal solutions for your problems.

Our Firm is also advising various companies on matter pertaining to contract labour, PF and EPS compliance, etc. Besides the above, our firm also serve its clients in following manner:-

  • Management of Legal functions Pay Roll ,PF & ESI Compliance. .
  • Compliance of Statutory & other Corporate matters.
  • Coordination & supervision of Legal, Personnel,
  •  Industrial Relation, Administration, Liaison
  •  Human Relation matters;
  • Ttrade Unions and Employment related litigation
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Employees Rights and related benefits
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Employment and service contracts
  • Labour disputes and Industrial actions
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Voluntary retirement scheme
  • Law on dismissals
  • Provident fund and social security
  • Reorganization and retrenchment
  • Strikes & lockouts

Our team of Advocates and consultants provide you with speedy, innovative, and tailor made legal solutions and services for your diverse civil concerns. We are experts in drafting various petitions, suits, applications, writs, etc. and conducting trial procedures, including evidence, cross-examination, arguments, etc. to present a strong case before the concerned court and to help you secure appropriate interim and permanent reliefs for your concerns. 

We follow a client-centered approach in approaching ever matter that comes before us. This means that we keep clients at the centre of our thinking while devising our litigation strategy. We believe that with the collaborative efforts of our clients we can proceed swiftly in all matters. We not only keep our clients informed but also involved through regular updates, client-counselling sessions, and keeping a transparent communication wherein the progress can be tracked efficiently.  

Reaching our office and connecting with any of our Associates is fairly simple and straightforward. 

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Visit any of out Office Chambers: 31/26, Basement, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008

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Mr. Vivek Kumar Tandon has his hands set in the arena of Civil Litigation since decades and is also known as the ‘Civil Wizard’ by many members of the Bar. His expertise in this field stands him apart and has helped him achieve a tremendous success rate with cases pertaining to property settlements, contract law, family law, administrative law, etc.

We sincerely believe that Mediation and Conciliation steps in as a preferred and beneficial method of dispute resolution than litigation because the focus is on working together towards a solution, rather than establishing blame or liability. It is especially favourable in the following:

  1. Matrimonial disputes 
  2. Disputes between members of a Family – brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, etc.
  3. Disputes pertaining to ownership and possession of a Property
  4. Child custody disputes
  5. Default in payments of rent, etc 
  6. Breach of contract, etc. 
  7. Consumer disputes and negligence claims
  8. Disputes within a company/professional firm 
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